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2021 Upcoming Events **DATE CHANGE**
Greetings NSFWA Members!

There has been a date change to the April Fun Day event in Oronogo, Missouri.
Now April 30- May 2, 2021 Patrick Goodknight is hosting a Fun Day event at his home- 22416 Sumac Rd. Oronogo, MO 64855. Vehicles and animals are welcome. An agenda and other details will be coming next week in the April Newsletter.  Please contact Patrick Goodknight at 417.529.5638 with further questions.



Patrick Goodknight is hosting a Fun Day April 23-25 in Oronogo, Missouri. There are motels in the area and folks are welcome to come and camp as well. Folks will have an opportunity to talk about Patrick’s wagon collection as well as others that you may bring.
On Saturday, Randall Miller will give a blacksmith demonstration. The group will also go have a private tour at a local museum.

On Sunday morning, all are welcome to drive wagons to church. There is a possibility to see a stagecoach stop and wagon road in the area.

Please contact Patrick with any questions:


Santa Fe Trails Association
This year marks the 200th anniversary of the Sante Fe Trail. NSFWA plans to attend and support Santa Fe Trails Association celebration events throughout the year.

September 17-18, 2021: Rendezvous at Council Grove including the “Voices of the Wind People Pageant,” Mountain Men Exposition, Antique Wagon Show (with prizes), Blacksmith, Wheelwright, Non-motorized Parade, and participation of the Kaw Tribe. 
For more information contact the Council Grove/Morris County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism at 620.767.5413 or
Facebook @voicesofthewindpeople  

Lodging Options at Council Grove:
The Cottage House
Prairie Lodge Motel
For those wishing to camp


September 22-26, 2021: Official 200th Commemoration Activity: 
 SFTA Symposium hosted by the Bent’s Fort Chapter and the Bent’s Fort National Historic Site.  Events will be held in La Junta, CO & at Bent’s Old Fort NHS and will include speakers, tours, and living history.  For more information, visit:


The NSFWA sponsored a restoration and preservation project in collaboration with Virginia City/Nevada City, Montana.

The JR Hill harness poster has been returned to Virginia City, Montana after several months away in Pennsylvania being restored. The NSFWA received a donation to help sponsor this restoration and preservation project. As part of the agreement, NSFWA is able to reproduce prints of the poster. This poster would make a great gift for a stagecoach enthusiast on your gift list, and don’t forget to treat yourself! The prints will be sold for $130 as a fundraiser towards the next preservation project. Please use this form to order a print. 

James R Hill & Co of Concord, New Hampshire produced all of the harness for the stagecoaches produced and sold by The Concord Coach Co. Each stagecoach included a set of harness as part of the coach order.

The original poster is dated 1883, and is the only known surviving example of this early advertisement. It was displayed on the wall of the Jos Sullivan Saddlery in Ft. Benton, Montana before moving to its current place in Nevada City, Montana. Joseph Sullivan was in the saddlery business at Fort Benton from 1881 until his death in 1940.

Charles Russell, the famous western artist, spoke of visiting Jos. Sullivan Saddlery numerous times in his writings and books. There are also pictures of him in front of the shop. Charlie Russell moved to Montana from St. Louis Missouri in 1880, so this advertisement was most likely observed by Charlie.

To western collectors and enthusiasts this poster will make a real conversation piece and great addition to any collection.
All of the proceeds from your purchase of this poster will support the National Stagecoach & Freight Wagon Association in its efforts to interpret, educate, and preserve the legacy of commercial stagecoaches and freight wagons, which were integral to the development of the western United States in the 19th century.  


We hope that you and your family are staying healthy and well. Please enjoy some new reading material in the NSFWA Newsletter. We hope that you will feel more informed about the events and projects NSFWA has been part of over the last year. Please reach out to any of the Directors with thoughts, comments, and questions!  We look forward to seeing you soon when we can be together once again.

Best wishes, The NSFWA Board of Advisors

Due to COVID-19, the upcoming NSFWA Conference which was to be held at Fort Davis, Texas, has been canceled and will be rescheduled in a future year. The Moreland family and the NSFWA Board regrets any inconvenience this may cause. We are looking forward to seeing you in Texas when the time comes.

Upcoming Events

NSFWA 2021 Conference June 2-5, 2021 Lawrence, Kansas. I truly regret having to do this, but it only seems the correct thing to do under the circumstances. The 2021 Conference being planned to be held here in Kansas has been cancelled. It seemed only appropriate with all the unknowns. Frank and Peg Burkdoll


The National Stagecoach and Freight Wagon Association (NSFWA) is a not-for-profit organization. Our founders created the organization to provide an historic record of commercial wagon freighting and stagecoaching as well as sponsoring events associated with the use of stagecoaches and freight wagons.

About NSFWA provides details about our organization and our goals.


NSFWA Membership

NSFWA members enjoy being part of a community that enjoys the many aspects of coaching and freighting such as...

Members enjoy the following benefits:

NSFWA Newsletter, filled with historic accounts, annual conference coverage and future plans, and membership bios.

NSFWA Annual Conference, where members enjoy speakers and presentations, share knowledge and experiences, visit historic sites and museums, see historic vehicles, participate in coaching and freighting events, and make new friends.

NSFWA Resource Portal, where members can find more information on the history of coaching and freighting, the vehicles, historic sites and trails, and museums. Learn more about membership in NSFWA.

NSFWA Annual Conference

One of the key benefits of the NSFWA is our annual conferences. These are a great opportunity to get together and share the vast knowledge of our membership group. These conferences provide an opportunity for social enrichment and the perpetuation and assimilation of lost knowledge—only regained through the mutual sharing of ideas and experiences by our members. Our membership includes persons that are interested in many different aspects. Through the collaboration of our efforts, we can learn more about the many aspects of our subject.

Learn more about our annual conference.

The Annual Conference is one of the benefits of membership in NSFWA.

NSFWA Resources

We are committed to the research, archiving & sharing of historical information.


NSFWA Conference Reports

Tucson/Tubac, Arizona (2018 Annual Conference)
Olathe, Kansas (2017 Annual Conference)
Sheridan, Wyoming (2016 Annual Conference)
West Yellowstone, Montana (2015 Annual Conference)
Ogden, Utah (2014 Annual Conference)
Virginia City, Montana (2014 Annual Conference)
Bent's Old Fort (2012 Annual Conference)
Santa Ynez Historic Museum (2011 Annual Conference)
Buffalo Bill Historic Center (2010 Annual Conference)
Santa Ynex Historic Museum (2009 Annual Conference)
Yellowstone Historic Center (2008 Annual Conference)

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