Meet the Board of Directors

Jeff McManus, President

Jeff McManus has lived in Wyoming and been a part of ranching his entire life. Jeff joined the NSFWA in 2009, while attending that year’s convention held at West Yellowstone Montana. With his wife Barb, he owns a small collection of teams and wagons. His efforts in this organization are to encourage us all to preserve our history and knowledge of horse-drawn transportation.


Rawhide Johnson, Vice President

Ranch raised in Montana and Idaho, Rawhide grew up driving teams and fixing wagons as a normal days work. In Rawhide's youth, his father gave stagecoach rides commercially. This background, along with a love of stagecoach history, has led him to the teaching of ideas and techniques of stagecoach conservation and restoration. Through these concepts he hopes to help preserve the visual and reality of each vehicles history.

Rawhide serves on several boards, does independent consulting and currently is the Chairman of the Board for the Yellowstone Historic Center.

Doug Hansen

Doug Hansen is founder & owner/operator of Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop, established in 1978. Doug has worked as a wainwright and wheelwright since that time, specializing in the building and restoring of heavy wagons and wheels. Doug has made a point of researching and studying the original, authentic vehicles and performs all his work with special attention to following the original design and detail - to produce only authentic, quality workmanship.

His fascination with horse drawn vehicles brought about self study of their designs and qualities. He truly believes that traditional wagon making and its methods are his connection with the original artisans of the past, and his inspiration comes from the study of their work.

Doug’s primary interest is in the realm of the western vehicles that traveled across the prairies of Dakota Territory, as well as the heavy commercial vehicles that kept our nation supplied. Iconic American vehicles such as stagecoaches, chuck wagons, freight wagons, and hitch wagons combine to make up his largest area of study.
Examples and contributions of Doug’s work can be found in private collections, museums & corporate holdings. His company and its products have been featured in numerous articles, and have been displayed nationally and internationally.

Doug’s reputation and experience has led to consulting work, evaluations, workshops, and speaking engagements, that he enjoys doing all across the country.
Also a cofounder of the NSFWA.

Ray Stokes

For the first 4-5 years of life, Ray spent summers on a pillow across the saddle in front of his mother - riding the range and tending to cattle for her father's herd as well as other men's cattle on their range. Stokes has been chasing the range ever since. The smell of cattle, the prairie, a good cowhorse, with the creaking of a windmill, the reflection of a clear blue sky, and white clouds from water in the stock tank run long and deep in his life.

The "Old West" history is rich in all it holds. The development of the West in America plays a big role with Ray and he is glad to have a little part in the National Stagecoach and Freight Wagon Association because of the love for their history. Stokes has a few wagons and also runs a "Chuckwagon" of 1860-1900 trail class. He has cooked in competition at the Cheyenne Frontier Days for 5-6 years, plus uses it in events to teach Western history to young people and for other historic gatherings. Ray is a member of some of the major trail associations and states, "This is the core of history and people that gave us our great country. I plan to do all I can to hlep keep it alive and well."

Stokes pastors a local Baptist Church at Sidney, Nebraska, and for the past 37 years has tended to a well-located farm/ranch southwest of town in the heart of Indian-Cattle Trail Country. It all lends well for his interest in history. With excitement, Ray looks forward to working for this great history and rich life.

Cameron Bean

I was raised with horses and buggies and had my first pony at three years of age. From the 3rd-8th grades I rode horses to school, and as a special treat we were allowed to take dad’s Velie buggy on the first and last day of school. At ten years old, I built my first chuck wagon out of an old hack, pulled by a single horse. I am no wheelwright, but I have some experience repairing and shrinking tires!
We started collecting wagons, buggies, and sleighs in the mid 1960s. For years, we have given wagon and buggy rides, and participated with them in weddings, parades and displays. We host the chuck wagon at two annual events: a horse sale and a heifer sale. I have been an Owyhee County Museum board member, am active in historical events and fundraising, and was very excited to find the NSFWA - a fine organization with very knowledgeable people. I am happy to help in any way I can.

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John Sullivan
Doran Degenstein
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