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About Membership

One of the key benefits of the NSFWA is our annual conferences. These are a great opportunity to get together and share the vast knowledge of our membership group. These conferences provide an opportunity for social enrichment and the perpetuation and assimilation of lost knowledge—only regained through the mutual sharing of ideas and experiences by our members. Our membership includes persons that are interested in many different aspects. Through the collaboration of our efforts, we can learn more about the many aspects of our subject, such as the following:

  • Unique vehicles of study
  • Historic trails these vehicles traveled
  • Interesting individuals involved in the associated trades
  • Related equipment – such as the harnesses and hitches, roughlocks, and drag shoes
  • Interesting attributes of the individual vehicles
  • Places of interest – the forts and stage stops, wagon factories, etc.

Benefits of Membership

About our Members

Our members are made up of...

  • western vehicle collectors
  • curators
  • historians
  • writers
  • enthusiasts

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