Coach and Wagon Manufacturers


Manufacturers of stagecoaches and freight wagons were found across the U.S. Often times different parts were manufactured separately. For example, the wheels were often manufactured by a different company than the box.


  • Abbot & Downing; Concord, New Hampshire
  • M. P. Henderson; Stockton, California

Freight Wagons

  • Champion Wagon Company; Owego, New York
  • International Harvester Company; Chicago, Illinois
  • Kentucky Wagon Manufacturing Company; Louisville, Kentucky
  • Mitchell Wagon Company; Racine, Wisconsin
  • Newton Wagon Company; Batavia, Illinois
  • Studebaker Wagon Company; South Bend, Indiana
  • Thornhill Wagon Company; Lynchburg, Virginia
  • Weber Wagon Company; Chicago, Illinois


  • Archibald Wheel Company, Lawrence, Massachusetts



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