2011 NSFWA Regional Conference

Thursday, April 7 to Sunday, April 10

Santa Ynez, California


We hope you were able to join us at the Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum and Carriage House as we presented our second symposium on stagecoaches and horse-drawn vehicles that influenced the growth and expansion of the Western United States. Our program line up of speakers featured stagecoach historians, teamsters along with experts in carriage construction, preservation and restoration.

About the Symposium

Specifically oriented to the study of western vehicles this symposium presented a forum for nationally recognized Carriage Association of America speakers to share their knowledge with carriage enthusiasts, historians, museum personnel and with anyone with desire to learn more about “Rolling Through the West”

Symposium Presentations

Symposium presentations were given by Kenneth Wheeling and Michael Sanborn, experts in the fields of carriage history, construction and preservation, along with Doug Hansen of Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop, Wheelwright Bill Twigg, Rawhide Johnson of Yellowstone Historic Center and assistant Ashlee Ganoung, Patty West of South Coast Fine Arts Conservation Center, Bobby Tanner teamster for the 20 mule team, Art Perry breeder of the Morgan horse, and Dave Hubert steam pumper expert.

Social Activities

The weekend included a western dinner and dance in the Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum along with a chance to network with many carriage clubs and enthusiasts from around the nation. In addition to experiencing the Western Vehicle Symposium there were opportunities to enjoy the gorgeous Santa Ynez Valley and take a ride on an actual stagecoach.

Parks-Janeway Carriage House

Proceeds from the success of the Symposium went toward the restoration and up grading of the Parks-Janeway Carriage House which is located on the Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum’s complex. The Parks-Janeway Carriage House is known as one of the finest of it’s kind west of the Rockies. It displays 35 different types of carriages, wagons, carts, buggies and other historical modes of transportation, as well as saddles, harness and other tack.

Agenda Summary

Thursday: Welcome reception & Tour of the Intrepid Farms
Friday Speakers: Kenneth Wheeling, Dave Hubert, Michael Sanborn and Bill Twigg
Saturday speakers: Art Perry, Patty West, Rawhide Johnson, Ashlee Ganoung, Bobby Tanner and Doug Hansen
Saturday Evening: Barbeque Dinner and Dance
Sunday: Stagecoach demonstration and Stagecoach rides; 20 Mule Team demonstration and rides

Kenneth Wheeling - “Heavy Freighting on the High Plains”
Michael Sanborn – “Overland Staging to California”
Patty West – “Conservation of the Overland Stagecoach”
Bobby Tanner – “Driving the 20 Mule Team”
Art Perry – “The Story of the Morgan Horse”
Doug Hansen – “Stagecoach Construction and Design”Dave Hubert
– “Fire Horses, Fire Dogs and Fire Engines”
Bill Twigg – “Wheel Construction Through the Years”



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