National Stagecoach & Freight Wagon Conference 2020
April 30 - May 3, 2020
Fort Davis, Texas

We will tour the Museum of the Big Bend in Alpine, Texas, the Fort Davis Historical Site on the Overland Trail, and additional local sites.

Lodging is available in Fort Davis or neighboring towns of Alpine and Marfa. Contact the Fort Davis Chamber of Commerce for a list of hotels and rentals.[] Please get your reservations soon because there are other events going on in the area during this time. There is no special rate or certain hotel as it's a small town and all of our activities will be located nearby.

There is a possibility of having an actual trail ride on part of the Overland Trail for anyone desiring to bring their teams/wagons. The conference begins Wednesday evening (April 29th), so if there is interest in a ride, that would be on Thursday. Anyone interested should contact Patty Moreland as soon as possible so arrangements can be made for the ride and for stabling horses.

The main events and registration will begin Thursday afternoon for the bulk of the attendees and a preliminary schedule will be available later this Fall.

Contact Information:
Patty Moreland